DVD 1 Hrs. 50 Min feature, 6 Bareback Scenes,
live sound, DVD All Region, includes Menus, Chapters,
Trailers & HD Widescreen

$39.95 DVD

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Starring: Tony Banks, Joey Rico, Ricky Nova (aka Mario Romo),
Shawn Laine, Andy Cruz, Andy Richard

All new guys with hungry holes ready to be stretched by the Cameraman!


Tony Banks

Meet Tony; meet Tony's meat. This 22 year old boy is pretty typical, except for his "third leg." As I talk to him, he says he's bi and is versatile; "not many guys can take it." Tony comments that, "most people look at it, and say OMG that's huge." With a mix of Puerto Rican, white and black making up his heritage, Tony is definitely a "nice package." Already sporting a bulge, he says he gets hard pretty easy which can be a problem in public, "I try to put it up, but it sticks out of my pants and over my bellybutton."

I'd say it's a 9+, a thick 9+. Getting up on his knees, Tony shows us a great bubble butt as well; man this kid is a whole lot of fun. As we chat, and he strokes, I have to reach in and get a feel, "damn." Tony notices a spot of precum on my shorts and unzips to investigate; "can I suck it?" Tony asks. This guy is not only packing, he's great at sucking too. As he inspects me, orally, I continue to film and enjoy his efforts; he begins to finger his hole. I ask what he might be thinking; Tony just goes back down on me. He then looks up and asks, "do you wanna fuck my ass?"

Are you ever lucky enough to have one of those OMG climaxes? Tony Bucks is about to. The big dick is about to take "in" the thick dick. As the Cameraman asks, "can you handle that?" Our boy takes one for the "A-Team." "It is so fucking big," gasps Tony as his ass gages and swallows the abundant ride. Within minutes, both agree, "this feels good." Tony strokes his hard cock as the cameraman goes "balls to the wall."

"I want you to fuck me until I cum," begs Tony. The cameraman obliges, first dumping his load, then going back in. Loving the sensation, who "woodn't," the boy moans, "fuck my ass." As various views are enjoyed, we try and hold out as long as we can, waiting to "sync" our "go time" with the boy's. Sucking on the dense cock, Tony masturbates his lubed-up log until he releases dollops of cream; "the cum dump heard "round the world." Looks like Tony likes to be "pacifier-ed" in order to blow.

All images taken from actual video.


Andy Cruz

Andy Cruz wants to be on video, "just for the thrill of it." This 18 year old is new to San Diego and is looking for adventure. His body art or tattoos are representative of himself and his life; he has them all over his body, as we will see.

Sex for Andy started at 13, with a friend who was watching porn with him. When I asked how he knew what to do, he replies, "just did what was on the video." He's had only one serious boyfriend, but lots of sex. When he takes his underwear off, we see he has a nice uncut and very thick cock. He usually tops, but he's pretty versatile he tells us.

As Andy gets on his knees, we get to enjoy not only his lovely cock, but also a juicy bubble butt. He then lies back down, but I see he keeps watching my crotch or the bulge in my pants, "can I suck it?" Andy asks. "Sure," I tell him; he has no problem with my equally thick dick and takes it all in. I also stroke his dick; this boy's meat is definitely in the "grade A" range.

"You're good at that," I tell him; he sucks for a bit longer, but I really want to fuck him. Andy has no problem with that and I go slowly as I enter. He moans from the beginning; "how does that feel?" I ask. "It's thick," he replies, but wants me to continue. Going in and out this tight boy's ass feels great, but I make sure he's enjoying it as well. "Your hole's nice and tight, when is the last time you got fucked?" I ask. "It's been a while," he says. But, feeling his cock, he's still hard and still moaning.

"You can go faster," Andy says. As I thrust, I know I am getting closer and I think he is as well. He strokes his cock quickly as I massage his prostate. I notice he's pumping his cock faster and as I pull out cum and reenter; he wants it, "faster." As the camera shows from below, I'm balls deep and pumping hard. Andy looks up at his cock as he tugs; I pull out to let him finish. Within minutes, dollops of thick, white cream lay atop his groin.


Shawn Laine

Any day Shawn Laine "cums", is a good day. I get tons of requests for this big boy. As a bi guy, he does have a cock to please, and I do mean, "please?!" Lying on the bed and pounding his meat, Shawn asks, "how's it looking?" "That is definitely one thick piece of meat," I respond. And when I suggest doing a bit more, he is up for it, fast; "born to bottom" I tell him.

Fingering his tight hole, I am able to get one, then two fingers in. "How does it feel?" I ask. He admits he can really tell the difference. We then start to fuck, me on top; he can't seem to find anyone willing to take his "monster" up the ass. Within a few pumps of my thick dick, Shawn begins to moan. After I have my fun, I pull out and unload on his gaping hole. Check out the up close shot; that is one glorious cavity. Shawn then tugs and blows his seed, nice. He is such a good looking, good-natured guy who is hung; ah, to be so fortunate.


Andy Richard

Andy Richard came in to do a solo after having contacted us and needing to earn some quick cash. What was supposed to be a solo wound up being a hot fuck flick.

Andy saddles up on my fat cock and rides it like a champion rodeo cowboy. Then I flip him over on his back and fuck the shit out of him. Talk about a tight ass!

At the end of the scene, Andy is covered in cum from his chest down to his knees!


Joey Rico

Our sexy little Latin boy Joey Rico needs a little anal prepping for his "up and cumming" scene with Mr. Hung. Joey has bottomed before, but not for the size of the monster he will be facing.

It's no secret the boss has a fat cock and lends him a mouth along with an assortment of dildos to practice with. Joey learns the best techniques for taking a monster and even the boss. The expressions on Joey's face as he goes bigger and bigger with the dildos are priceless!

Watch Joey cowboy before spewing his load onto his hairy chest; giddy up!


Ricky Nova

Ricky Nova is here today to show us how he gets that fantastic body. He knows how to work it up and pump it hard; I ask if he would mind working out in the nude? Getting naked and pressing it hard, he reminds us not to hurt ourselves; he must have seen how tight I was grabbing "my bell." After a nice hot shower, this boy strokes up his big cock and lets me have a go; "almost too big to get my mouth around" almost.

Ricky takes a go at my cock as well; his soft lips wrap around my shaft nicely. As he sucks, I tug at him before he offers his ass. Working my way in to his hole, his cock stays hard. Grabbing my thighs, he pulls me in; I get him sweaty for the second time today. Getting some good footage from below, you can see what Ricky's hole does to my cock; the feeling is even better. Close, I pump a bit faster then pull out to bust all over his cock. Ricky then jerks one out himself, oozing all down his shaft. I think we're all a bit sweaty for the wear; I feel so helpful "spotting" a hot guy like Ricky. Stick around cuz after he shoots, he gives us some trimming/grooming tips for your pubes!