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Kye yearns for adventure. He is a horny little bastard who is always ready and willing. He goes to every extent to make sure he gets what he want's when it comes to sex - NO CONDOMS! The title of this video says it. Kye's Barebackin Adventures.


On the way home from the military base, Kye's picks up this hot young Italian stud at the trolley stop. Collin needs a ride back to his hotel room were he invites Kye up for the view. Things begin to heat up in the balcony with some kissing and nibbling at each other. No time is wasted; they both begin to undress each other and begin to fuck. Kye then begins to ride Collins cock raw. He rides it like riding a Stallion, moaning with pleasure with each bare stroke. Kye then positions himself on his knees and takes it from behind, with long fucking strokes. Collin pounds his hole as there was no end and as Collin reaches climax, he pulls out and dumps his load on Kye's ass, then rams it back in Kye. Cum goes flying in all directions as Kye moans with gratification. Watching these two young studs fuck you think they were meant for each other. This is only the beginning of Kye's Barbackin Adventures.


Kye is soaking his slick, smooth body in the Jacuzzi, when in walks Tony, a hot Latin stud. You can just imagine what is going through Kye's head. After a brief introduction and small talk, Kye invites Tony back to his place, obviously with one purpose in mind. Kye entices Tony by offering him a massage and then some. As Tony lays spread across the massage table, Kye straddles his nude body and begins to sensually rub his thick shoulder muscles. He then works his way down to his ass. Kye then has him roll over on his back only to find his stiff rod. They begin to make out, Kye then goes down and wraps his lips around his cock and begins to suck it. Finally, he gets what he wanted, that is his cock up Tony's hole. Watch as, Tony takes Kye's bare cock and is bent in very position imaginable as he demands to be fucked long and hard. Kye does not hesitate, and enjoys each penetrating stroke. Each long strokes leads close to cumming, Kye pulls out and spews all over Tony's cock. Tony finishes off as he strokes his cock, while Kye sucks his nipples.


Kye's shipmate Felix has always wanted to do a video shoot. He starts off with a solo. You will get to know a little about him during his interview while he works his un-cut cock. He talks about how much he loves a cock up his ass. During his interview he shows off his hole while jacking off. Felix then ask's the cameraman if he is a top and would he like to plug his hungry hole. The cameraman is eager to satisfy Felix, and soon begins to finger Felix's ass to loosen his hole in preparation to fuck him. Felix gets on all four's and backs-up into the cameraman thick cock. Next, hardcore ass bareback fucking. Watch the cameraman pump his hard cock in and out of Felix's hole. Felix then climaxes as he rides his cock.


Kye is back again with hot Italian stud boy Collin to do a photo shoot and then some. The action heats up while taking pictures. They can barely keep there hands off of each other. You will also get to know Collin up close and personal. They head-up to the shower for more fun. Watch as Kye gets his ass fucked in the raw. More bareback fucking is followed in the bedroom, here Kye is pounded in every position you can think of. These two aggressive boys know what it takes to get you off while you watch. This long bareback fuck session will sure get your needs met.


Kye re-connects with an old fling that is back in town. He stops by to check out his new pad. They both get comfortable and drinks are served. Their love Connection is rekindled with some caressing and kissing. Kye then leads Tony to his bed for some foreplay as Tony goes to town eating Kye's ass making squirm with pleasure. Kye takes Tony's cock for a long bareback pounding session. You would think there were making-up for lost time. Tony positions himself on the kitchen counter to receive Kye's raw cock inside of him. Tony moans with pleasure as his hole is being worked. Several positions are tried in the kitchen before they both unload there stored sperm.


Kye fantasizes about these two hot new boys who just moved in next door. Cody and Manchester love to fuck bareback. They both take turns by flip flopping raw, but it's obvious Cody just can't get enough of that 19 year olds huge cock. Apparently, playing with each other is not enough as they reach over for the camera guys cock, pull it out and take turns sucking it. Even the camera guy gets a piece of the action. Watch as he inserts his stiff and raw cock up Cody's hole. Cody gets his ass double loaded with cum by Manchester and the camera guy.


Watch behind closed doors with Kye and Collin as they take their home camcorder and videotape their private sex session. Raw and unedited hardcore sex.



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DVD $19.95