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Remember back in College... all the hot studs on campus, the jocks, even your hot roommate, too much studying and not enought sex, then this video will bring back those memories....



Brett's fantasies are about to be realized as he solicits Aaron (rumored around campus to be a hung top) for tutoring with his homework. At Brett's pad they both sit intensely at the kitchen table solving economic problems on the laptop. Brett makes his move and blurts "Aaron, I know that you like guys...I was kind of interested in maybe showing me some stuff". As they lean towards each other and lock lips they begin to show their passion for each other. Brett submits himself with his back on the kitchen table as Aaron crams his hard dick deep inside him. Horny Aaron violently fucks him in several positions over the table as Brett craves every last inch of Aaron's cock. Brett soon shoots his load while Aaron's cock continues to pump his hole and Aaron soon follows coating Brett's chest.

All images taken from actual video.



Eric is in his bedroom studiously working on his homework. In comes Kye with one thing in mind. He harasses Eric wanting to have sex with him, but Eric has no time to be playing around. After being seduced by Kye's words Eric finally gives in. They begin with foreplay and move into some "nitty" "gritty" fucking. Eric stacks himself on top of Kye and fucks his ass deep. Kye works his ass muscles on Eric's cock as Kye shoots his load while Eric drills his hole.



Dwayne, 21 years old, is your hot typical strawberry blond college jock. He is enrolled at State and has long fantasized showing off his body on video. Out for a run on a HOT sunny day on campus, Dwayne strips down to cool down then hits the shower. In the shower he lathers himself, rubbing his cock to a full erection. Following the shower he moves to his bedroom where he finishes off jacking off his thick cock to a straight video.



Marc Winters is a lean and smooth Swedish exchange student with a high appetite for sex that enjoys getting fucked. Marc de Virula is a hot Latino boy who rather play than study. De Virula knows exactly how to relieve Winter's stress and tension. At first Winter's won't give in because of his studies, he has a big test in Oral Communications the following day, but decides a little playing won't hurt. They are both sexy and enjoy each others body while having sex. They suck each other with lots of banter and dialogue. De Virula also feeds on Winter's ass preparing it to be plowed. Winter's gets a good ass fucking, then both squirt huge powerful loads.



After a tough day on campus, Riley and Bryson run into fellow classmate Kody and invite him back to their pad to "hang out" later on. Back at home Riley and Bryson shower together, both wonder whether Kody will take up on their invitation. Riley and Bryson get frisky in the shower with some kissing as they hear a knock at the door. Bryson opens the door and invites Kody in and explains their both showering. As Kody watches these to twinks get in on, he removes his cloths and joins them in the shower were these three hot young boys kiss and suck. Kody suggest they move to the bedroom were they continue they're passionate kissing, their cock sucking frenzied, and the anal action. Bryson and Riley get double fucked by Kody. He fucks them both in several positions before Kody gives them both a facial cumshot. This hot three-way action is so intense you're likely to blow spunk in your shorts before you can get out your prick to jackoff.



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DVD $19.95