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Cum Shot Compilation, Behind the photo shoot
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Starring: Leo Miller, John Wright, Chase Anderson, KC Johnson, CJ McSky,
Kevin Reed, Jonathan Cole, J.C. Diaz, Jet Stevens, Harley Cortez

These Marine Devil Dawgs are on the prowl for hardcore man on man sex!


Kevin Reed & Jonathan Cole

Kevin, a well-built Marine, comes home to his roommate after a stressful day on base. The hot couple starts out with some passionate kissing. Then Jonathan greedily moves down and whips out Kevin's huge cock! And doesn't hesitate to stuff it in his mouth. Kevin eventually returns the favor and soon after, shoves his big raw cock deep inside Jonathan's tight hole right there on the kitchen counter! The horny pair fuck fervently and after a while take it to the bedroom where Kevin continues to ram his cock inside Jonathan's wanting hole. After Jonathan's loose used ass can't take it any more, they both blow explosive amounts of cum! "Ahhh... What a great way to end a stressful day."

All images taken from actual video.


KC Johnson & CJ McSky

This cute tattooed couple has been together for a year now and they recently moved to SoCal. They stumbled across the site via the internet and thought it would be hot to do a scene for us. After some steamy oral action, KC the 18 year younger partner, hops on the nice cock of his 22 year old surfer 'wanna-be" boy friend JC. JC lovingly plows KC's ass in several different positions and eventually the two blow their loads and agree that having sex on camera is quite exhilarating!


Chase Anderson

Chase is a sexy, bi, military top who loves to work out and drink booze. He feels the same towards men & women, and doesn't have a preference. Chase strips down out of his USMC runner's outfit and lies back on the bed and strokes his pink prick. He works himself up oozing precum everywhere. The photographer on set that day seemed to have a thing for our sexy tattooed top, and Chase agreed to let him finish him off with a hand job. That ended with an eruption of cum all over the photographer's hand. Yummy! I hope we get to see Chase's hard cock inside a tight ass someday!


Leo Miller & John Wright

Big Beefy ex-Marine John apparently has moved into one of the apartments near ultra-tan and petite Leo. John explains to Leo that he has a girlfriend who doesn't put out. And also that he has always been a little bi curious. The sexy little "Leo the Lion" was definitely not a tame one. He had John feasting on his ass in minutes. John was really relishing this sweet hole and of course had to stick his long thick bare cock between those nice tan buns. John drilled and pounded and plowed Leo until there was nothing left of poor Leo's ass. Then John left Leo a warm gift right on his hole, and shoved his dick back in for more.


Harley Cortez

Beefcake Harley has spent 4 years in the USMC. He enjoys golf and is pretty much your typical dude. He's 23, gay and has never been on camera before. Harley was really looking forward to this shoot! Harley sat back on the bed and stripped himself of his military uniform. He lubed up his thick uncut cock, and began stroking and fingering his ass at the same time. He worked himself up until his body was spazzamming and he shot a thick wad of hot jizz all over himself. Then Harley soap's himself up in the shower in preparation for a fun night out on the town. "...Maybe he will get lucky!"


J.C. Diaz & Jet Stevens

J.C. gets home from a long day at work on base to find his fellow Marine roommate Jet watching the game on TV. J.C. takes a seat on the couch and is convinced he should get a little more "comfy" by Jet, which leads the two into a hot make out session, undressing each other as they go. You can see a big throbbing bulge forming in J.C.'s pants and Jet doesn't waste any time. Jet quickly goes down on J.C.'s thick dick and pretty soon Jet is taking a seat and bouncing up and down on his buddy's raw cock! They switch up the positions several times for lots of ass pounding. Then Jet shoots his load with J.C. still deep inside him. J.C. falls back and releases his own hot load. "Semper Fi"


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