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Starring: Travis Cooper, Joey Rico, Evan Jones, Vince Smith, Clark Kent, Nu Smyrna, Mojo Starr, Marcus Rides, Texas Holcum

Who doesn't love it bareback, these HOT dudes just can't get enough RAW cock up their ASSES!


Travis Cooper & Nu Smyrna

Travis Cooper is an up and cumming Gay For Pay porn star that has been a feature model on StraightRentBoys.com. Being that I'm a friend of the Producer of that site, and that Travis happens to be a San Diego native, I convinced this hot stud that it was time for him to hit the big leagues..to take his first cock, San Diego Boy style!

You guys may also recognize the other model, named 'Nu.' He is also an ex 'Broke' Gay For Pay model who found his true calling as a bi-sexual man. Travis and Nu had done a scene together before, so Travis said he'd only be comfortable having his hole broken into...'bare'... for the first time by Nu.

The result of pairing these 2 together in their first ever bareback scene is one explosive video! Watch Travis and Nu in the RAW!

After ravaging Travis' ass, Nu now sucks on him and asks, "you want to return the favor?" Travis says, "yeah." As Nu continues to devour, Travis moans, "that feels so good." At Straight Rent Boys, "good" is what it's all about and we are in for a show as Travis "gives it good" to Nu. Enjoy folks, I think the hard work is about to begin.

Travis is panting and moaning loudly in response to the oral stimulation; Nu's skills in fellacio are well honed and so fun to watch. Nu says, "you can put your big fat cock in my ass" as he gets on all fours. Travis lubes up Nu's hole and fingers him, all while keeping himself stiff. He then reaches back and grabs Travis' cock for insertion; "oh my God" whines the bottom as he backs down onto Travis. Once in, Nu then tells his partner to, "work that ass" as he begins to tug at his semi-hard dick.

Travis flips Nu over and continues to pound. Nu asks, "you like that little tight ass of mine?" "Oh yeah" answers Travis. These two are hot together and I think you will agree, man on man sex is the best. Travis leans into Nu so he may reach even deeper; "ah yeah" whines Nu. Moaning and panting to the rhythm of his partner, Nu if very aroused by Travis, "ah your dick's so fucking huge" Nu tells him. Travis pounds away, as Nu then sprays all over himself. Travis keeps thrusting, but not for long, he pulls out and adds thick streams of frothy cream to the stomach of Nu. "That was a good morning," comments Travis. Shit, with two guys as sexy as Nu and Travis, I'd never leave the bed.

All images taken from actual video.


Joey Rico & Mojo Starr

These two returning SDBoy models are very impressive on their own, so I thought it would be great to get them together. From the start, each is aroused by the other; I try to have them follow the storyline of two students who "need a break," but as you will see, I think they actually end up needing a nap after this adventure. Mojo Starr and Joey Rico have come together, to "cum" together.

The two start with some nice deep kissing and soon the clothes fly. Sucking on Joey's neck, Mojo says, "you taste so good." Quickly, they are both naked and jerking one another while they continue to lock lips. Joey then bends over to give Mojo a mouth and help him stiffen. As soon as Mojo is hard, he asks Joey, "you ready to fuck?" Joey quickly responds, "yeah" and is bent over a chair even before Mojo can lube up.

While sliding in, Mojo comments, "it's tight." But it's not long before he has a nice rhythm going, inside Joey. From below, watch as Mojo's balls slap Joey's taint with each thrust. Joey is already tugging at himself, his body rocking with each ebb and flow. From the back of both, I'd say each has a sweet "fuckable" ass, but today it is all about the two of them; no "extra work" today for the cameraman.

Mojo moves Joey to a desk to fuck missionary style; lest Mojo "forget" what he is doing, Joey just keeps panting, "fuck." "Oh shit," responds Mojo to Joey's tight hole. "Oh fuck yeah," answers Joey as Mojo asks, rhetorically, "you like that?" Hitting the spot, and wagging his balls, he has Joey close, but wants to fuck more before they both cum. Mojo moves them to the bed and has Joey climb his "mojo mountain." As Joey bounces, his partner strokes his dick.

"That feels good," whimpers Joey as he goes up and down. Mojo then thrusts up to meet his partner, from below. The camera catches a great close-up of Mojo's plunging inside Joey, who loves the ride. Turning both on their sides, Mojo pounds from behind as Joey trues to masturbate, and breathe. Holding up Joey's leg, Mojo is working his way in even deeper, much to the delight of Joey. Feeling all of Mojo, Joey comments, "that's a big dick;" I think he has had enough and wants to jizz before he explodes. Pulling out, both masturbate until both lie, exhausted on the bed, white globs spot each of their stomachs.


Evan Jones

Evan is a 20-year-old student, with a killer smile, who recently moved to San Diego for Los Angeles. Looking at his tattoo's, looks like he was from East L.A.

Evan is curious and nervous about having sex with guys, something he's fantasized about everytime he sees a naked guy at the gym. Since he's a boxers boy, you know he is still straight... for now!

While jacking his own cock, he tells me he's wanted to experience getting fucked, sucking another guy, getting sucked off, all to "experience life", so he says.

So I ask him if he wants to see and touch my cock, and with no hesitation, he's reaching over and fondling my cock through my pants. Well, that gives me an instant boner, so I let him release it and spring up as he pulls down my pants, stroking me to full attention! Just watching his stare at my cock is such a turn on. Soon his stroking begins my cum eruption.

Evan then leas back and rubs one out himself. I should let you know that off camera after the shoot, Evan wanted to "experience" more of the full sexual experience. Of course I was more than happy to help!


Vince Smith & Marcus Rides

What are friends for, if not to fuck? Vince Smith comes in to better the day for Marcus Rides; indeed, things are looking up. In this video, boys will be boys and lend one another a hand or hole; in this case, it's both. After Marcus' long day, his bud just wants to "assist" his pal.

Vince is on Marcus the moment the answer "yes" comes off of Marcus' lips. Apparently Vince knows how to help his buddy out; the two kiss intensely and undress as they lock lips. With their pants down, they jerk one another until they are both hard as a rock.

Marcus has Vince on his back and decides to add a little oral pleasure to their escapades. It doesn't take long before Marcus is in Vince and pumping him at a steady pace, these two cannot get enough of each other's lips as they continue to kiss and fuck. When the camera goes below, we see the full thrusts of Marcus' skills; he is balls deep and Vince is moaning from all the "assistance."

Marcus grabs Vince's legs and leverages himself deep; Vince jerks then stops, he does not want to cum yet. Both boys are enjoying their "endeavors" as Marcus rhythmically answers Vince's "fuck me" comment. After a bit more kissing and pounding, Vince can't hold back and strokes to orgasm, spraying his load all over himself. Marcus still wants more of his pal's ass and Vince obliges. Standing up and pounding from behind, Marcus thrusts away; the cameraman alternates shots from above and below to get all the friendly action in, and out.

Marcus works himself back up and back in Vince. As hot and heavy as before, it's not long before Vince feels the urge to blow his load a second time. Spraying up on his stomach and chest he takes but a few minutes before he is hard again. Vince then dives back into Marcus' hole; if your keeping score, it's 2 for 2, both blowing multiple loads. I have got to check out that San Diego water; these two are like those magnetic dolls that you just can't separate, but really, who would want these two to stop.

The camera angles above then below take the "helping a bro out" idea to a "hole" new level. Watching one another as they fuck, Vince also strokes Marcus' cock. Vince changes up the pace then dives in again for more hot kissing. Vince also spends some time on Marcus' neck and chest, keeping his partner, and us, highly aroused.

Getting close, Marcus and Vince have really given it their all, several times. Within a few minutes, Marcus is blowing his load as the two lie side by side. Vince tells Marcus, "I hope that made your day;" with a fucking hot scene like this, it makes my week.


Clark Kent & Texas Holcum

Texas Holcum, 21, lives in San Diego and enjoys the area; and all the things that the boys "offer" here. He sometimes dances at go-go clubs and is always ready to pleasure boys with "Texas Jr.." If you want to reach this "big boy," try his Twitter or tumblr accounts: @Texas Holcum or Mr.Holcum.tumblr.com. . I checked out his profile photo for Twitter, nice. Anyway, we're waiting on Clark Kent to arrive so I can film these two; Clark never seems to be on time. He must be off saving the world or at least a boy or two; a "big boy" and an "insatiable hole."

Clark shows up and immediately the attraction is evident. As they start to kiss, Clark's hand finds its way down to a surprise, "oh, what's this?" Clark coyly asks. Texas responds by saying, "that's Texas Jr.." I don't know if Clark has ever been to Texas, but he's about to. Eager for the ride, Clark tells Texas just to, "relax," all the while unzipping Texas' shorts. Both boys, in their underwear, settle back for some deep kissing; "you can grab my ass if you like" comments Clark.

Within a few minutes, Clark lets "Texas Jr." out of the stall. It is so hot watching Texas' cock rising up and up. Clark immediately devours what he can; both of them start to moan. Clark then offers his dick, "why don't you go down and taste it." Texas works Clark's dick and balls, and then moves to his hole. "Ah fuck," moans Clark as he grabs the back of the couch and hold on. Texas enjoys a bit more of Clark's tasty cavity before Clark goes oral again on Texas.

As Texas stands, Clark manages to swallow all of his partner, this has Texas very aroused and he reciprocates with a nice face fuck. "That's a big dick, baby," moans Clark. He takes a few more "deep throats" then Clark hops on for a true "rodeo ride." The moment Clark has Texas up him, both gasp and moan; Texas' balls "jump" from the pleasure.

"I love that cock," whines Clark. Shooting close up, these two are so into each other, they just keep fucking, and knocking me as I film. Clark pulls off for a lick and then goes on all fours on a table. As Texas pounds away, Clark keeps commenting on how he "loves that dick." The pair watch one another as Texas pumps Clark's hole. From below, all you see are Texas' low hangers, bouncing up with each thrust. "You like that fucking ass?" Clark asks, Texas responds, "yeah."

Clark reaches back to grab Texas' cock as it thrusts in and out; both are hot and heavy when Clark notices the "tenting" of the cameraman; "Mr. Cameraman, you're liking that, hu." Clark then puts his full attention back onto Texas, as he lays his head down and pushes up his ass for more riding.

Like a duck to water, Clark swallows all of Texas, anally. Bouncing up and down, Clark moans and gasps. As the camera pans to the front, we can enjoy both of their stiff dicks. Texas now pounds from below and is given a kiss and a "ah fuck" from Clark; Texas does hit the spot. Grabbing Clark's face and bringing it down, the two watch one another as they fuck, intensely. The close up of Cark cowboying is hot; not only for us, but for Texas Jr. has a "hole" new meaning; giddy up.

As they change positions to doggie style, Clark says, "put it all the fucking way." Accommodating his partner, Texas goes balls deep and soon both of them moan with each thrust. Watching Texas' backside hump Clark is so sexy; I agree with Clark, who moans, "oh baby." Switching to a missionary position, Clark begins to tug as Texas takes full advantage of the situation; they kiss, passionately. Damn, Texas has got some moves, bringing Clark to the edge, then changing up the pace. Texas' balls tighten as he pumps in and out of "Superman." "You like that, you, dirty boy?" Clark moans as his partner pumps and penetrates, deeply.

The two then lie back to masturbate; "shoot that fuckin' load in my mouth, baby" whines Clark. Sweet cream squirts from Texas and is quickly gobbled up my Clark; "fuck yeah" moans Texas. Clark needs a bit more cock to blow his load and Texas is happy to oblige, shoving his meat into Clark's mouth, while he jerks. The two share their loads and kiss, satisfied that "Texas is the place to be."


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