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Starring: Vince Wilder, Jake Tyler, Taylor Stevens, Joey Rico, Bruno Stygmata,
Alan William, Christopher Ashlee, Seth Porter, Tony Noceros, Clark Kent

These HOT buddies love to fuck RAW. See their raw cocks and asses get pounded by their best buddies!


Jake Tyler & Vincent Wilder

With Jake's hoe cheating on him, he turns to his friend, Vincent, for help. Vincent suggests that there's nothing better to forget your troubles than to "take one up the ass."

Jake works Vincent up and fast as he sucks on his, "horse cock." I zoom in to Jake's oral skills; I agree, that is a nice, thick cock. I'm sure that will help push Jake's girlfriend's memory out of Jake. As Vincent goes up on his knees, Jake is face fucked and devours him. "You know you don't have to lick my balls," says Vincent, but being thorough, Jake responds, "yes, I do."

As Jake continues to orally arouse Vincent, he tells Jake to, "suck that big ole' fat cock," Jake obliges. And when Jake plays with Vincent's balls while blowing him, he moans even more. Vincent watches Jake's work and comes closer. Then, Vincent says, "I'm about to cum," and does; dollops of jizz land onto Vincent's groin and stomach. Jakes continues to play with Vincent's cock, smart boy.

Vincent is bottoming. I figured I would leave it ambiguous, as to who was going to get fucked, at least from the first video. Vincent doesn't make it clear, as he comforts his friend, after she cheated on him.

This is the first time Vincent has bottomed; I think he's a little nervous, but he'll do fine. Jake is into it from the get go, "fuck, that feels so good" he moans. Getting used to the feeling, Vincent says, "fuck," but he means it in a different way than Jake. "I love fucking that hole; it's so tight," pants Jake; Vincent quips, "it's supposed to be tight;" he buries his head under a pillow, but he does keep his ass up for Jake.

Angling a shot from the side of them, they do look hot together. Just when I think Vincent's had enough, he says, "oddly enough, this does feel good;" prostates are a man's best friend when being fucked. Jake continues to thrust as he turns Vincent over, missionary style. "Fuck yeah, tight hole and so juicy," remarks Jake, going balls deep. Vincent keeps moaning, "never again, but I do see his dick stiffening. "I feel like such a female, bro," whines Vincent, on his side and receiving all of Jake.

Changing up the pace, Jake goes in and out then slows it down. "That feels so fucking good," groans Jake. "I'm gonna cum," he quickly adds and starts exploding all over Vincent's flank; splooge splatters up and down Vincent's side. I don't know if I have any friends out there that would let me fuck them if my girl cheated on me? Okay, you know me well enough to know `I don't do fish,' but that would make a hell of a pick up line.

All images taken from actual video.


Joey Rico and Taylor Stevens

Joey Rico and Taylor Stevens are a couple visiting the San Diego area. With all the attractions in their room, the boys figure the city can wait.

Taylor can't wait to "get his lips around that cock," as he tears off Joey's clothes and reveals the bounty. Eating on his boyfriend's uncut cock is the only place he wants to be right now. The camera zooms in as Joey tells him to, "eat that cock and spit on it." Joey is up fast and hard, thanks to Taylor's abilities. Taylor then stands up, disrobes and presents himself to his boyfriend; "your lips are soft" he tells Joey.

Within minutes, Joey is deep in his partner as they lie in a missionary position; "oh stroke that cock while I fuck you" Joey tells Taylor. The boys flip over to doggie style. The camera goes close to catch the balls deep action; both moan and pant. When the camera angles behind the two of them, we see Taylor's fully hard cock bouncing to the rhythm of Joey's thrusts. "Fuck that's a tight ass," Joey tells Taylor as he slaps him on the bum. Taylor loves his "rock hard cock "and strokes it.

Moving to the bed, Joey tells his partner to," ride me." Taylor is on top, straddling Joey's cock; Taylor's own cock is being jerked by Joey. "The curve of your dick feels amazing in this position," Joey moans in agreement. As the camera pans to the side of the pair on the bed, both are hot, sweaty, and in their happy place. "Oh this is so fucking good," Joey tells Taylor as he now is standing, while Taylor lies on his back. "Oh fuck me," Taylor whines; from below Joey is all the way in that," tight lubed ass." Taylor maneuvers his hips to meet Joey half way as they fuck. Taylor moans, "I am so fucking horny for this cock."

Although both are getting closer, they are trying not to cum yet; Joey thrusts then pulls out and then reenters. "Yeah, yeah, just like that," Taylor tells Joey, who tries to accommodate. Taylor is stroking hard at this point and Joey pounds on his prostate. As he watches Taylor closely for signs of ejaculation, he hears Taylor moan, "I'm gonna cucking cum so hard." Within a few more thrusts, Taylor says, "fuck me hard," and simultaneously blasts jizz all over himself. Lying beside each other, Joey jerks his cock until he too is going to cum; "I'm gonna suck this cock dry" Taylor tell Joey. When Joey spews all his hard work, Taylor eagerly laps it up and devours Joey's cock. Both boys agree, it's time to see other attractions, outside the hotel room.


Alan William & Bruno Stygmata

Using some of his native tongue, Alan chats with his friend Bruno, asking if he would like to come over and give him a hand

Bruno seems familiar with this sleepy head and goes right to work. Bruno rubs Alan's dick through his underwear; finding a hard dick, he wastes no time in tasting Alan's raw meat. As Bruno rides up and down with his tongue, Alan verbally comments on the top's oral talents. Alan also does a bit of face fucking, much to the pleasure of his partner.

By the time Alan gets on Bruno's cock, he's hard as well. Alan tries to work the monster down his throat; Bruno caresses his partner and slaps his ass. The size of Bruno has Alan humping the bed while Bruno works a finger into the bottom's hole. Bruno then goes in for a taste of Alan's pink treasure; the bottom's moans tell Bruno he is definitely in the right spot. Exploring Alan's cavity soon has both of these boys ready to fuck.

Bruno's sizeable cock slides in and out of Alan as they both enjoy the ride. Kissing and fondling as they fuck, the two watch one another intensely. Changing up to a few different positions, the pair try a missionary position; Alan jerks himself while watching Bruno fuck him. Leaning in to his partner, the top manages to get in every inch.

Filmed sideways then in the correct angle, the two are now up against a wall on the bed, going hot and heavy. Alan and Bruno then sit on the bed, with Alan riding atop. Their moans are in unison and both are getting close. Bruno gives a hand to Alan's dick as they continue to thrust against one another. Grinding his hips, Alan has Bruno on the edge, as well as himself. Alan takes over stroking his dick until he blows up onto his chest and stomach. Bruno withdrawals to finish; within moments, Bruno squirts all over Alan's face and open mouth.


Seth Porter and Christoper Ashlee

These two friends with benefits are very close. They've been together about four years. Now, living in San Diego, they wanted to film what's been going on behind closed doors. Seth has filmed with me before. Christopher, a personal trainer, is up for some fun, and us watching.

Seth and Christopher kiss and caress. As they strip, take note of the personal trainer's fine body; Seth's admiring it as well. Christopher's cock is out and devoured by Seth; they continue kissing and fondling one another. Seth then mounts Christopher and settles on top of his nice cock. After a bit of "giddy up," Christopher takes over and pumps from underneath; Seth moans, "fuck me." The top then tells Seth to, "ride that dick." The bottom is happy to comply as shown by the close up camera work; I do like to capture every inch.

Christopher then has Seth up on his knees as he takes him from behind, "yeah, spread those legs" Christopher demands. The two go at a harder, faster pace now; Christopher's gorgeous ass undulates as he takes Seth, deeper. Seth is panting and moaning from the penetration. They then go side by side; the top definitely has enough meat to reach. Seth seems to love this position as he now tugs at himself. A nice shot from above shows the intensity of their bond, "Oh fuck, oh shit" whimpers Seth.

Christopher pulls out and puts Seth in a missionary fashion in order to reach every inch of his hole; the top then bends over to kiss his partner. Seth continues to moan, "oh yeah" as he pulls at himself. The pair then sits side by side to masturbate. Christopher is the first to unload; nice dollops of jizz ooze out. Seth is next as he spreads his legs and thrusts; cum splashes up on his stomach and groin. When I ask them, `when's the next time you're hooking up?' Seth answers, "tomorrow." You have got to appreciate these two SDBoys who put so much into their friendship.


Clark Kent and Tony Noceros

Tony Noceros comes over to check on a friend; Clark Kent lets him in so that he can check on Tony's large cock. These two 22 year olds help one another in and out until a happy ending is had by all. "You mind if I touch it?" Asks Clark, "I can swallow a lot," he adds. These two definitely share something in common, Tony's cock.

Watch as Clark's bedroom eyes water and Tony goes for the hole, first orally then with his large cock. With Clark's encouragement, "fucking pound that ass," Tony's rod does wonders. Moving to the bed, it's not long before Clark is biting the sheets and both guys are declaring a new friendship, complete with benefits.


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