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Starring: Clark Kent, Joey Rico, Jake Cruz, Colt Kennedy, Jason Storm,
Derek Price, Travis Gunn, Jeramiah Maxx

Raw cocks is all that is craved by these young hot guys!


Jake Cruz & Jeramiah Maxx

Doing a photo-shoot we have Joey Rico; that boy has many talents, besides fucking. Today he's working with Jake Cruz, our Latino top, and Jeramiah, the lucky bottom. As the boys work together, their "excitement" grows; seems like Jake is into Latinos as well. All are very tactual and happy to help one another out; by the time Jake slides into Jeramiah, every body's having a ball, or at least a feel.

Straddling the chair, Jeramiah moans happily as Jake takes him; the shot from below come with commentary, "nice and hard and a little bit faster" requests the bottom. Speeding up and then slowing down for Joey, I think this shoot will have a happy ending. As we see Jake's balls tighten, he starts to give a "oh yeah; looks like this one's going into overtime.

Jeramiah now straddles Jake and as he is pounded from below, the two moan and gasp. Whatever their position, these guys are going "all in" on the fun; Jake's thrusting seems to get more intense as he views the porn that's playing. Working the bottom's hole from all angles, Jake is a hot fucking top.

As Jeramiah now bends over the bed, the top slides back in and hammers away; the bottom's ass reverberates to the beat. The pair then both jerk themselves. Jake blows first; a large creamy load streaks his groin area. With a "yeah baby" from Jake, Jeramiah responds with his own sticky paste. The two smile and kiss; the "shoot" is complete.

All images taken from actual video.


Colt Kennedy & Derek Price

In the shower and soaping up his cock, Colt tugs a nice one, when Derek comes in and "helps." The two dudes get fully clean, before they get dirty again. Derek goes to his knees to "hoover" Colt's nice thick cock, swallowing it like a hungry chick. On the bed, Colt services the bottom boy on all levels, while porn arouses the auditory senses. Smiling and moaning, "fuck yeah," Derek "holds open the door" while the top enters with his tongue. Once in, with his cock, Colt immediately speeds up; some nice footage confirms what a "slap happy" pairing this is.

The two then go missionary, fast. Colt's pounding only intensifies as Derek's dick swells; once his legs go over his head, the top gains even more leverage and both enjoy the position. Stopping only to re-position and lap at Derek's hole, Colt enjoys the rippling of the bottom's ass. Into a hard, steady rhythm, the bottom moans, "fuck me." Sweaty and closer, they both are amazed, and amazing, at the man on man sensations. With a bit more kissing and plowing, Derek is now tugging on himself, with a hand from Colt. I don't know who will blow first; I'm kinda betting on myself, if these two go much longer. The top then pulls out and kneels over the bottom as they jerk. Blowing first, Colt hits Derek's torso which has him blowing right behind, after he cleans up Colt's cock. Looking at all the mess, Derek seems pretty sloppy, just the way we like it.


Joey Rico & The Cameraman

Damn, to find him in the shower, is a day I know I'll be wet too. Joey Rico soaps it up and is here to satisfy the age old question, "will that fit?" This Latino has a body to satisfy and a personality equal to that hot cock; just watching the water trickle off his ball sack has me very "thirsty." As he lathers up and bends over, Joey uses one of his toys to get a "deep' clean. Next is a sizeable butt plug to hit the spot; "look ma, no hands."

On the bed and discussing his "opening" toys, I finger and add digits to ready his hole for some larger dildos. I've got a couple I want him to try, include one with a heartbeat. The first takes a minute, but Joey is definitely a "swallower." The next is a good bit larger, even than he, and he does manage the tip before we go for the "real deal." Sliding in my girth, he seems to enjoy the sensation and begins to jerk. Even with all the "practice" he's had, Joey is very tight and it does not take long before my load is all over his hole and balls. Again using a dildo, it's Joey's time for some relief. With a gasp and a silicone push, he spews; man Joey's body is hot as hell.


Jason Storm & Travis Gunn

Being a betting man, I'd say two guys fool around, both "will cum". Travis will top and Jason's the lucky bottom. Travis seems to be a natural at getting what he wants, as he directs the bottom's hand to his cock. The two kiss deeply, both rising to the occasion. Travis goes down on Jason; "that feels good" is all the smiling boy gets out before he starts gasping. By the time Travis pulls of his drawers, Jason takes the cock in like its Thanksgiving. Travis then has Jason "spread his drumsticks" and goes to town. By the time this pair blows, we're all gonna be feasting.

All in, Jason and Travis continue their "in-counter." As the top fucks from below, he goes balls deep, just the way the bottom likes it. They switch positions often as the bottom gives raves reviews, "ah, that feels good." It seems like the more encouragement Travis gets, the more aggressive he gets, and the harder Jason's dick gets. As the camera moves in for some close-ups, both guys have huge smiles on their faces, if we were showing you their faces. You'll just have to enjoy the gaping hole Travis presents us with, compliments of his cock and Jason's hole.

Moving to their sides, the bottom opens wide as they both kiss. On his stomach, Jason accommodates all of Travis, who pulls out just enough for us to see that hot hole. I'd say all the bottom needs is a saddle, but then again, they're barebacking it today. By the time these two lie side by side to blow, their scents are all over one another; someone needs to make an air freshener with this aroma. This is really one of the easiest and quickest cum shots I've filmed; both have huge smiles on, and blow loads that speak volumes. Something tells me, this was just the "first piece" of Jason that Travis is going to have.


Clark Kent & Joey Rico

Two boys who know how to do one another right, Clark Kent and Joey Rico are here to fuck for fun. These boys are all about cock, each other's. Wanting a poke, Clark motivates his buddy into sharing his "fat fucking dick." "Oh yummy," squeals Clark as he devours all of Joey, orally. Up on all fours, Clark gives us a peak at the fun Joey's about to enter. Touching his own hole, Clark suggests his partner assist, "why don't you use that finger on me; I need you to stretch that" moans the bottom.

The camera goes in close as Clark licks Joey's digit and glides it in his own ass. Gauged, Clark then slides his cheeks apart and swallows all of Joey's hard cock, anally. Instantly moaning, both boys take in all the sensations. Spanking Clark's able ass, Joey thrusts to meet his buddy's willing hole; "you make me shake" whines Clark, as he pours out precum. The two rock and grind; from the back, Clark's red backside is fully engaged. This power bottom knows just where he wants it, "I can't wait for you to cum inside me."

"Fuck me harder," begs Clark; the behind Joey's ass view confirms that ball deep is the way to make anyone a "Superman." As the bottom grabs the sheets and squeals for more, Joey obliges and pounds harder.

Up on all fours, Clark "wags his tail" for the camera; his hot hole is all about pleasing Joey, and himself. The two continue to fuck as they move into a missionary position. "Mr. Camerman, looks like you got something in your pants" quips Clark as he reminds Joey, "don't stop fucking me." Swallowing a nice fat cock, Clark receives pleasure, from both ends. Letting the videographer in on that sweet hole, Joey jerks above the bottom's face; "cum in my mouth" says the bottom. The cameraman pulls out and blows all over Clark's torso, followed by Joey; "joy juice" slides right down Clark's throat. Clark then strokes one out himself; no wonder he's a "Marvel."


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