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Starring: Diego, Nestor, Hernan, Walter, Roby, Alex, Rene, Nicolas, Jim

These smooth Colombian boys know how to get it on in the middle of a jungle river!


Diego & Hernan

Diego stops at a nearby river to splash some water on, and cool off. Playing with a fishing pole, looks like he caught a live one, in Hernan. The boys begin to kiss and grope. Diego's up for using his "worm" to get more than a bite from bottom boy Hernan. Liking what he feels, Hernan drops to his knees and gets Diego hard-er. Sucking that big cock maybe thirsty work, but I'm sure Diego will let him have a "drink" in the end. Diego face fucks Hernan as the pair heat up the water.

Lapping the top's balls, Hernan has no intention of leaving this pond without some "refreshment". Up on a rock, Diego sucks the boy's toy before entering the real prize. Giving Hernan one last chance to taste, seems like this bottom will do nicely.

Hernan's rocking on Diego's cock as the two pair and share. With these hot Latino boys, as long as you're hitting the right "spot," any place will do. Grabbing his own dick while he rides, Hernan then stands and bends over for Diego's "sport" of choice. They're both out in the woods, and Diego brought his own 'log" along for fun. From below we enjoy a chose up of the boy's new game, "Entrada y Exito."

After a bit, the bottom boy needs a rest and has Diego rim him; nice "water sport." As he jerks, Hernan blows his thick creamy load, quickly licked up by Diego. Snowballing the fun, the two kiss passionately. Now it's time for Diego to yell "timber;" looks like Hernan will take on the task. Blowing into Hernan's mouth, Diego has perfect aim, just like they've practiced before. The two again "pass the cream" back and forth, nice.

All images taken from actual video.


Nicolas & Alex

Ah summer, always a good time to rub a guy. These two boys start with a leg and end with a load. Nicolas will top and Alex, with the "in-jury," will bottom. Funny, as Nicolas asks if it hurts, Alex says yes, and he doesn't even have anything in his hole yet. Kissing and stripping, the top blows Alex as the boy "grinds on the rocks." Having a "lick of the log," the bottom engulfs Nicolas, who continues to grow.

"Mounted" on a rock, Nicolas enjoys a bit more oral and then reciprocates as these boys are both "packing" for mouthfuls of fun. Switching into different positions, both spit and play with the other. Both of these Latinos "stand and deliver," after Nicolas does a bit of "deep" navigation of the bottom's hole.

Ebbing and flowing on the rocks, Nicolas is all about taking care of Alex. Wedging his cock into the bottom's hole, both enjoy the "rapid" action, as the water goes gushing by. From the side, you can see that changing up the pace has both Latinos loving their outside time. Taking his big cock out, the top positions Alex doggie style, and puts it back in, hard. Loving the feeling of Nicolas' full penetration, Alex is still hard.

Perched on the rocks, Alex slurps his partner's huge cock and balls until Nicolas blows into Alex's mouth. Lapping up the cream, the boys then switch. As Nicolas takes Alex into his mouth, the sweet taste of reciprocity is not far off. Shooting his load, Alex stands as Nicolas licks up and shares the load. Playfully, the pair then splash in the current.


Nestor & Roby

Okay, enough with the "fish;" these two are buddies, in the end, fuck buddies that is. Roby's wearing the ball cap and Nestor's sporting the other type of hat, whatever the hell that is. Doing what Latino boys do best, one another. Roby goes down on Nestor's sizeable cock, sucking and face fucking commences as the foreplay heats up.

Falling out of his overalls, Roby enjoys the warmth of his partner's mouth. Back and forth they go until Roby bends Nestor over for a taste of something deeper. Also wanting something "deeper," Nestor spits and slides into his partner's hole. The camera pans below and we get a nice look at just how "tight" these buddies are. Quivering from the sensation, Roby then wants to use his "rod" but not on fish.

Trading positions, Roby "takes" a backseat and fucks Nestor. Up and in, these two share more than just a love of fishing, as shown by the close-ups. With Roby pounding from behind, Nestor jerks himself and balances to get every inch. Taking a squat, on Nestor's cock, Roby has a nice ride on his "vaquero."

Having fun "in" nature, the pair continues to enjoy their bond, and holes. Close, Nestor blows his enormous mouthful all over his buddy, who greedily gobbles. Snowballing, they delight in the goodness of Nestor and add to it with Roby's "contribution" as well. This is a hot fucking video, hook, line and sinker.


Rene & Jim

Walking along the river, Rene finds a real catch, Jim. Making sure he's okay, Rene sticks his tongue down the boy's throat, to clear any obstructions; don't worry, there will be "obstacles to cum." Checking out Jim's package, it's lucky he wasn't in cold water, as "lifesaving" soon turns to sucking for these two "swimmers." Lucky to be alive, Jim shares his gratitude, and his hole.

Pulling out his thick cock, Rene again checks Jim's throat, this time with his "bobber." Swallowing one another is only the beginning of this pairing, as Rene will top Jim, right there on the river; told you this was quite a "haul." With a 69 and dine, the camera gets in close. Doing some careful maneuvering, Rene checks out Jim's hole, first with his tongue, then with his "lure."

Sitting on Rene's thick cock, Jim slides down and begins to "ride the rapids." Both moan as the fit is tight. Pounding up from below, the top makes sure every inch is in use. Changing to face one another, the boys continue to fuck in the great outdoors. Zooming in, the top's balls bounce and tighten as his cock is shoved up into Jim.

Moving into a missionary position, Jim starts to stroke as Rene gives a poke. From below we can tell these two are a perfect fit, lucky they found one another, even luckier we "caught" it on film. As the top thrusts, the bottom boy spills his load; they are on the river, after all. Rene, ever the "angler," scoops up the jizz and shares his catch. Fucking a bit longer, Rene pulls out just in time to "get his up on the dock," as he blows all over Jim's balls. The two again share, "what the river provided" then head in for a dip.


Diego & Walter

Heading to a local river to cool off, Diego finds Walter already getting wet. Helping him out, so Diego can "go in," these Latinos begin with "un beso," and don't stop. Sliding his hand down onto Walter's cock, Walter reciprocates. Both up, Walter leans over to take "measure" of his man. Working the boy's foreskin, Diego moans and caresses his partner. Lapping at his balls, Walter will bottom today; lucky boy. The two now naked, the top stands to receive more of the bottom's mouth.

Bending over, Walter guides Diego in and the two are "working it" hard. From below, you can see how thick the top is, and how enjoyable girth can be; Walter moans and jerks wildly. Putting the bottom on his side, Diego takes him from behind, freely. Pulling out, Diego blows Walter and gets more than a mouthful of sweet thick cum; we put it in slow motion because Diego gobbles it down quickly. Diego then stands and "delivers" an equally large gooey load onto Walter, "que rico."


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