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Starring: Ben, Peter, Jim, Jamie, Bruce, Oscar, Pablo, Andres, Henry, Julian

10 smooth Latin boys with an unstoppable sex drive!


Ben & Pablo

Hot Latino twinks Ben and Pablo waste no time as they energetically swap saliva. Ben, with the flat-top and black shirt will, in the end, get his boy as Pablo, wearing the jean jacket, opens his hole for this "fulfilling" video. Stripping down, both boys are similar in shape and size; their boners are definitely "headed" north. "Polishing" off his amigo, Pablo is "down" for some mouth work before Ben takes a knee and feasts on the "burrito."

Trading off again, Pablo can't seem to get enough of his chico; zooming in, Ben's reciprocity is a mouthful as well. Ass up and cheeks spread, Pablo "in-vites" Ben for a visual, an oral and tactual duck billing. Succulent sounds come from both ends of Pablo; the boy is ready for a fucking.

Serving up his hole, Pablo balances himself against the counter and swallows Ben's dick. As the camera gets up close, most of the spit is sucked back out by Ben's thrusting. With very "tight" shots, you can see the goosebumps on Pablo's taint, nice. This fucking pair slaps their twink bodies against one another as the top is balls deep, and the bottom grabs the counter for leverage.

Switching positions, the bottom jerks while his prostate gets an "in-ternal man-ipulation." Close enough to smell, the footage is almost as tasty as the bottom's hole. Servicing the top, Pablo drops to his knees to clean off Ben's messy and tasty dick. Rewarded for his efforts, Pablo engulfs Ben's spunk and then shares the flavor. Ben takes a knee to gobble up what Pablo deposits onto his tongue. If "sharing is caring," then these two are "headed" for the alter.

All images taken from actual video.


Bruce & Andres

Bruce, in the white shirt, is very much into his "novio" Andres; well, he'd like to be a lot more "into" Andres, and that will come. These Latinos don't need much to get them going; seems they are both into ass play as their foreplay. "Deepening" their bond, Bruce, who will top, spits and sucks his boyfriend, Andres. Both of the guys strip down, and the bottom rolls over to present his hole. Bending down to "munch at the trough," Bruce adds lots of saliva to Andrea's "offering."

Opening his "culo" fully, the top tongue fucks and gets all the flavor possible. Working in his fingers, Bruce pumps out loads of mucus and spit, as the bottom rides back on the fun. Duck-billing Andres opens him up even more; looks like the fucking has already begun. Balling up all his digits, the top fists and punch fucks the bottom as both moan happily.

Still in his favorite position, Andres has Bruce pounding hard. These boys definitely enjoy the "ins and outs" of their relationship. While changing up the speed and motion, the top gives some spankings to his boy; at this point, the bottom can only moan with satisfaction. As the camera goes below, the "smacking" has heightened and Andres rolls on top to allow Bruce to fuck from underneath. Using his sexy pelvic action, the bottom's "abilities" are hot to watch.

The bottom, going back onto his knees, gives Bruce a bit more ass time before the top pulls out and glistens Andres' hole. Bruce then buries his face, and gobbles up his work, sharing it with is partner. As they kiss, Bruce begins to jerk Andres. Taking over, the bottom boy spews all over his boyfriend, who greedily laps up the goodness, "que rico." Again sharing, I'd say neither boy goes very long without replenishing their "protein" levels.


Jaime & Julian

Back at Jaime's, Julian, the short-haired boy, can't wait to get his mouth around his boyfriend's thick cock. He takes in as much as he can, while Jaime watches and enjoys. Julian, who is the bottom, knows the harder he gets his "novio," the harder the fucking will be. The pair does some intense kissing, groping and sucking as these energetic boys get ready. Both have gorgeous girth and length, exemplified by their overfilled mouths. Docking their cocks together, Jaime reaches around and slaps at what he'll soon by tapping on.

In a missionary position, Julian spreads his legs while Jaime spits and wets the hole, teasing as he inches in. Up-close, it is a tight fit but one they both revel in "fully." Moaning, Julian holds onto his cock tight as they "take flight." The intensity is fast and hard; they watch one another while Jaime "pilots." Rolling onto his side, the bottom takes all he can. Zooming in, Julian's hole flexes as his opening is gauged.

In for the "long haul," Julian opens up on his back, as Jaime works his way in. From above you can tell that this is a "perfect fit" for both; the bottom's moans inspire even more intense thrusting as the top pounds away. Accommodating his large size, Julian grabs his partner's cock to help him back in, adjusting his hips; got to love a boys who love to fuck. Taking over, the bottom then jumps "on board," and "takes off;" the zeal with which Julian rides is incredible and very satisfying to watch.

Jaime puts Julian on his back again, and goes "full Throttle." The bottom clutches his legs and bends them back toward his chest as the pair fuck. Getting close, Jaime lies on the bed and has his partner swallow and suck. By the time Jaime shoots, he is so excited; the jizz lands all over Julian's face and back onto Jaime's groin. Happy to lap up and share, the bottom goes up to "thank" his partner. Adding his own cream to this mix, Julian squirts a mouthful right where it belongs.


Jim & Henry

At a nearby park, Jim, in the white shorts, poses for some pictures while Henry zooms in and "shoots" what he likes. These buddies enjoy being outdoors, but Henry's favorite activity, is being "in" Jim. And when Jim bends down to suck on Henry's large cock, I'd say he's also into Henry, being "in" him too.

Taking a few moments to suck on his partner, Henry's cock "stands guard." With a bit more "oral encouragement," the bottom is face fucked then sits and spins on that huge cock, spreading his hole wide. As the camera zooms in, we can enjoy Jim's ability to "open" up.

Switching positions, Henry rams from behind, stopping long enough for his gorgeous thick cock to glisten in the sun; so nice to be "in" nature. Within a few minutes, the bottom is being rimmed as he tugs on himself. Gasping, Jim unloads into Henry's open mouth. The top then uses Jim's other opening until he too creams. Sharing their loads, these twinks take it all in.


Oscar & Peter

Layer by layer Peter, in green, gets down to what he wants, Oscar's ass. Both these twinks are hung and full of flavor. First, it's Oscar who "rubs his face in it." Then taking a knee, Peter dives in, orally. Second to slobber is Oscar; neither can take it all in, but each has a great time trying. This is just what you twink lovers want, "tastes great and it's so good for ya."

Peter then has Oscar sit while he swallows the boy; in turn, Peter is treated to a nice face fuckin'. Eying the "all you can eat ass," Peter then plunges in and uses both his fingers and tongue to enjoy. Getting way up in the action, the camera gets you right where you want to be.

Going in, Peter works his cock up and plows; all Oscar can do is hold on "tight." The two change positions "butt" the fun is the same. After Oscar takes it in stride, the pair switches and it's Peter's hole that is explored, fully. Grabbing his cock and tugging along, Peter then goes for a "bike ride," mind the handlebars.

Done "peddling his wear," Peter kneels and sucks until Oscar "shoots" a winning load all over his partner's face. After a "shared" kiss, Oscar then takes care of Peter's peter; the cum just keeps cumming. The boys lap up on one another and enjoy.


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