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Starring: Roby, Gabriel, Emerson, Nestor, Ben, Jim, Matias, Saul, Fabio

9 smooth Latin boys with huge facial loads!


Ben & Gabriel

These boyfriends are playing in the park. Ben, the one with the long sideburns, wrestles Gabriel, the bottom, to the ground. While the guys roll in the grass, Ben is definitely thinking about tapping some ass. Being very oral, they kiss and lick one another like a "dulce," or candy. This pair has actually been together since they were youngsters and know every inch of each other well. It doesn't take long before Gabriel drops his pants, and bends over his favorite rock; Ben wets the hole and rims the fuck out of his "novio."

As the camera zooms in, almost as deep as Ben's tongue, the boyfriends gets into position; seems like Gabriel's ass likes to be "spelunked;" Ben takes rimming to a "hole" new level. Ramming the bottom with four of his fingers, Ben's fisting creates an "opening" needing to be filled. The top then has his lover stand while he blows him; both enjoy the "pre-fuck" load Gabriel spews.

Gabriel continues to worship Ben's cock, deep throating all that goodness. Spitting, stroking and choking, the bottom boy, on the rock, is about to get something equally hard. As Ben slides in him, the camera angle is perfect for some park time fucking. Slamming his cock back and forth in his boyfriend, the top has Gabriel moaning fast. Switching positions, the bottom then takes a noise ride on Ben; got to love those squeaky "outings."

Putting the bottom boy on all fours, Ben is able to go balls deep as he fucks Gabriel; that bottom boy has a hold sweet and welcoming. As the camera shows from above, Gabriel's tight hole and giggling ass has Ben spewing early, who wouldn't? "Sealing between the crack," the top then enjoys his "own fruits" and sucks up the jizz before he spits it back in. Gabriel's mouth needing a taste of Ben's hard work, and his ass, again sucks on his boyfriend. The two then spend some quality time rolling around in the grass, licking and kissing.

All images taken from actual video.


Nestor & Fabio

Who says the office has to be all work and no cock? Nestor, wearing purple and Fabio, "wearing" Nestor's cock, go into full-on fuck mode in this hot video. Latin boys are so skilled when it "cums" to teamwork and both have so much to "bring to the table" where they'll be fucking.

Dry humping and some great sucking has Nestor ready to fuck his peer, after he takes another "licking" of Fabio's hole and cock. As Nestor rims his partner, a bit of spit is all it takes for these two. Some kinky spanking and fingering "fire" the boys up.

Thrusting his cock in, Nestor really gets some use out of Fabio's "workstation." Pile-driving his cock into his partner, Nestor also heightens the boy's senses with more slapping. Zoomed in, the camera catches the two "collaborating" nicely; sounds like someone's going to need an EMT. The top throws Fabio onto his stomach for more.

Now, it's time for Fabio to give as good as he got. Rolling Nestor up, Fabio gets in every inch and has the boy begging. Sucking and jerking, the pair takes turns "unloading" on one another, and the office chair. Fabio blows first as his buddy laps up the load. Nestor then drenches Fabio in a quenching drink. The two share and seal the deal with a kiss.


Jim & Roby

Taking it outside, Jim, the dark-haired boy and Roby, in the cap. As you can see, these two horny twinks are "good to go." Blowing the bottom first, Roby is on his knees and loving the "size" of his partner; later, when they fuck, Jim will be loving the full extent of Roby.

Trading off, Jim also enjoys the flavor of cock of this "sunny" boy. Having a good face fuck, Roby's "taste" also leads him to his partner's hole. Putting Jim up on the table to eat, the top feasts on all the goodness he can get. Teasing the bottom's tights hole, Roby slaps his dick a few times in preparation for the "ass-ertion;" more to "cum."

"Ass-erting" himself, Roby slides in and fucks Jim fully; from below, the "tight" shot shows why both boys are moaning. Using his hips to get every crevasse, the top takes his time and enjoys his "hole" completely. Repositioning to a missionary style, the bottom can see all of Roby's "hard" muscles working. Helping, Jim spreads his cheeks; such a helpful bottom.

Jim blows all over his stomach, with Roby pumping hard. Both stop for a taste of the protein; damn, no wonder the boys are so fit. Licking each other off, it's then Roby's turn to add his "shake" to the mix. Going on his knees, Jim receives an extra-large dose of jizz, sucking every drop. Snowballing the hell out of their "hard work," I don't think these two are going to stop, ever.


Emerson & Saul

Emerson's cleaning his face, when Saul comes up behind him. Rocking their bodies together, looks like both these boys just want some patio playtime. "Rico," is right, these two are scrumptious. Grinding their cocks together, both guys are already hard and ready to fuck; the foreplay for these two hotties is over, time to deep-throat. Saul "heads" south and sucks, as does Emerson. Both have sizeable cocks and they are both versatile.

Stripping down, Emerson can't keep his mouth off of Saul's cock; I don't blame the boy, those balls look so ripe. Sitting back in the wash basin, Saul begs Emerson to "chupa;" like he really needs to beg someone to suck him. Happy to comply, Emerson also wants to taste the backside of this boy; he turns Saul around and starts rimming him. Not to be left out, Saul does the same on Emerson and then lubes up for some fuck-time.

Still sharing their balls, Saul works his way into Emerson and begins to pound. As the camera zooms in, Emerson's tight hole is a perfect spot for Saul to play. I'd say these two have frolicked here before. Turning things around, Saul offers up his hole and Emerson takes a turn. I agree with Saul, "rico" is right; these boys are a delicious pair.

Climbing up onto Emerson, Saul's hole gets hammered while these two cuties "work" the patio. Putting Saul into position, Emerson takes him from behind and slams his cock in, balls deep. Ready to cum, Saul has Emerson suck it out. Face fucking the boy, Saul's load is a sweet treat for the awaiting twink. Slathering Emerson's face with the jizz, both boys share a kiss and "seal" in the flavor. Emerson then stands and delivers into Saul's mouth, still glistening with his own cum. Happily, they smile and "coat" one another with all their fun.


Matias & Gabriel

Poolside fucks are so refreshing. When I saw these two doing "each other's thing," we just had to grab our camera, and more. Matias, in black, gets his huge cock sucked first by Gabriel, the hungry bottom. Engulfing as much as he can, while still trying to breathe, Gabriel is reciprocated for a bit. "Butt," needing to be stuffed, the bottom boy going back to "feeding," before he is "fed."

Using the edge of the pool to prop his hole up for his partner, Gabriel moans as he is "eaten alive." Diving in, Matias doesn't waste an inch on his partner's ass, as ramming takes on new meaning.

Still "deep" into one another, the top's thick cock gauges the boy's hole as they "make waves." A very nice above look shows Matias all in while Gabriel holds on tight. Changing positions, the bottom rides while his partner moans on. Tasting his own flavor, the bottom then goes back to blowing that huge piece of meat before "saddling up" another time.

Thrusting from below, Matias stretches his boy from all angles; the sounds alone are "fucking awesome." Sucking his partner this time, Matias can't hold back and "splashes" up onto Gabriel's face. Jerking himself, Gabriel adds to the pool's water level and Matias is right there to clean up. "Finger licking good," these two are definitely "refreshed."


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Released January 2016