90 Minutes, live sound
DVD All Region, includes Menus, Chapters,
Trailers & Bonus Behind-the-scenes/Outtakes of Jonathan & Troy!

$29.95 DVD

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Starring: Cassie Rae, Nathan Dickson, John Chapman, Jonathan Cole,
Xavier, Dave Merritt, Troy Lake

7 smooth twink boys with a craving hole to fill!


Cassie & Xavier

Done with a book and ready to hook, up, Cassie is joined by his boyfriend Xavier; nothing like two hot twinks fucking morning, noon and night. Lip locked and "cocked," our boys push each other's buttons to entertain us. With clothes a thing of the past, they rub and grind; Cassie's the first to suck, can't blame a guy for that, as I remind them. Xavier gets in a bit of "lick-o-dick" before he goes after the real treasure, Cassie's pink rose; damn, that bottom's ass is just begging to be fed.

Xavier has the boy stiffen him up before diving in, deep. Slapping and thrusting take over with a good measure of "yeahs" and "fucks." Turning Cassie over, we get a nice example of "wagging the dog," while it's "being walked." The encouragement the bottom is moaning drives Xavier to quicken the pace and widen the hole; the top may have to buy a new futon by the sounds of it.

Moving to a sturdier surface, the boys continue on the bed; balls deep with a hot male on male porn in the background, these guys are going at it like the hot fucks they are. Changing up the pace, Xavier ungulates his hips, much to the delight of Cassie, "oh yeah." Once on the edge of the bed, Cassie grabs his sack and holds on tight; his partner is slam dunking that hole.

Cassie decides it's time to jerk as Xavier "spelunks." The bottom then gives warning, "God, I'm gonna cum" and proceeds to unload. Xavier then kneels over his partner and tugs, with Cassie becoming the recipient of "oh damn." Cassie gives a "thanks," and Xavier adds, "damn, I needed that." I think we all needed that; time to go clean up the "happy trail."

All images taken from actual video.


John & Dave

Best buds, John Chapman and Dave Merritt, have not done anything together, yet. When I ask about fanaticizing about one another, they both grin and hesitate; I think you can fill in the blanks. Both straight, John, 22, is a newbie to the "game," but Dave's been here before. This is a different video, where two straight boys see if they can help each other get it up and get it off, fucking included.

After they strip, they tug one another; when hard both have great cocks, but John realizes David has, "a monster." I ask if John's ever thought about bottoming, he laughs and says, "with this?" He'd tear me a new asshole." Both watch a little porn and stroke. I suggest John fuck Dave, but I would love to see Dave top; that's for another day. As John works his way in, he checks to make sure his partner's okay. Getting the "go ahead," John begins to takes long, slow strokes, in Dave. It's not long before they both start moaning and Dave begins to tug his own cock. "Fuck yeah," pants Dave as I go from behind and watch John thrust, nice.

John then whispers, "I'm gonna go a little harder," and ramps it up. Into a nice rhythm, John turns Dave over to deepen their pleasure; "oh yeah," agrees Dave. As John penetrates, he again makes sure Dave's okay; "you like that?" asks John as he slaps Dave's ass. Dave agrees and moans," fuck yeah, hurt it." Going balls deep, John pulls Dave to the edge of the bed; Dave reaches in and plays with John's balls. I think John likes to slap as he thrusts.

From below, it seems that both guys are enjoying this first time with one another; Dave says, "oh yeah, fuck yeah." "That feels good; nice ass" comments John. These two are doing well and are hot together. Now doggie style, John does seem to enjoy "tapping" Dave's ass. Without saying a word, John pulls out, takes off the condom, strokes his dick and begins to release what are six sweet streams of thick cum onto Davis ass; Dave watches as his partner unloads. "A little more," John jokes as he rubs in his work. Dave then masturbates his "monster" to orgasm. When I ask John if he had a good time and wants to come back, he immediately responds, "yeah." Asking for some intimacy, they both kiss.


Nathan Dickson

This red-headed twink has piercing blue eyes; his photos are erotic and sensual, highlighting on his lean gymnastic body. Wanting to "get into the business," he has some big plans and figures to use his cock and hole to make it happen. Letting the boy pull out his "toy," seems as though he's brought some extra friends along to play; his hairy hole is a perfect place to "pack it" in. Working his cock and ass, he does have an "in-Nate" sense about his sensuality.

As Nate rubs his body and jerks his thick cock, his legs fall open; shit, where's the line? Telling me he's getting close, Nate uses his limber body to "work the headboard" and blows right into his own eye.

Arched and blown, Nate "hits his mark" and is back for round two. Working his cock up again, I pan up and down his hot body; it's a hard job. Stretching his balls and hole, the hottie pulls and tugs. Shit, he has beautiful eyes and a body that was made to please. In different positions, Nate knows how to have fun with his "homemade toy." As the natural light hits his porcelain skin, his abs flex in tight ridges.

Moaning softly, Nate enjoys "the rub," as do I. "Occupied" with his many assets, this boy is getting close; his thick head reddens and "flares." With a couple of heavy pants, Nate says, "I'm gonna cum," and shoots a hefty second load. Damn, as I video, I keep thinking, he does need a good fucking.


Cassie Rae & The Cameraman

Cassie Rae's needs some extra money. This hardworking 19 year old likes to hang out by the beach when he has time, and gets tattooed frequently. As far as sex, he enjoys bottoming and boys. Being already married, he gets sex often. Cassie strokes himself to the video; I'd say his nice cut dick and shaved pubes would go a long way to pleasing his husband and us.

Going for his hole as much as his dick, Cassie definitely knows how to satisfy; he prefers to be taken control of, while his nipples are worked. Looks like he wants "my help" in getting off; yep "chubby's" ready. He strokes both of our dicks and even gives a lick to my balls before Cassie rolls over onto his knees. Using some "natural lube," I finger the boy; "you are tight" I tell him.

Working my thick dick in takes a bit and Cassie says he's going to cum quick; he won't be the only one. He whimpers "harder" and then blows a huge load all over his belly. I add my deposit to his pool and "welcum" him as a newly inducted fucked by the cameraman model.


Jonathan & Troy

"First-timer" Troy chats with Jonathan about his sex life. Liking guys and girls, Troy partners with the twink and it, "starts with you sucking my dick" says Troy. Jonathan is okay with that, enjoying Troy's thick cock. Swallowing the "choking hazard," he also takes directing as Jonathan, "eats that fucking ass" of Troy. Seems like Troy would like more than just a mouth in his hole; fortuitous that Jonathan will being topping today.

As Jonathan is serviced, he rubs on Troy's big muscles; Troy's gag reflex has the top ready. Bent over and happily being fucked, Troy takes all of the top. From below, the bottom's half-hard cock wags as his taint and balls blush. "You're fucking me so good," whimpers Troy, bracing himself. As Jonathan pounds that hole, the bottom just keeps on wanting.

Troy grabs the bar top for further penetration. When the top asks if Troy likes getting fucked, the bottom replies, "God yes." Zooming in and fucking him hard, looks like Jonathan's working up quite a sweat, nice. The two move to the bed and continue the pounding; all that slapping in that hairy hole, has both boys moaning.

Watching Troy's sweaty ass jiggle has the top gasping, "this feels fucking amazing" he quips. Letting his hands wander over the top's body, Troy lets Jonathan's dick do all the "hard work." Lying face up, and open-mouthed, Jonathan receives Troy's load before blowing his own. This pair and share was tasty. Check out the BONUS SCENE to see more of Jonathan and Troy!

DVD BONUS: Behind-the-Scenes/Outtakes of Jonathan & Troy - We don't always get to see what goes on behind the camera in the preparation of a scene. Let's go "behind the scenes" for an inside look and also see some of the scenes that didn't make it to the final cut from Jonathan Cole and Troy Lake.

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Released March 2016