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Starring: Clark Kently, Joey Rico, Julain Reyes, Tony Bucks and Daddy

Daddy likes playing raw with smooth twink boys!


Clark Kently & Daddy

Clark, 21, loves to dance (drunk), and he considers himself bi; he just likes sex. His first experience with a guy he says, "didn't hurt at all; if you like it, it feels good." Bulging, Daddy, sees his huge cock and balls. Stroking his "two-hander," he says, most guys are surprised; "want a try?" Daddy gives him a kiss, he does seem to "feel" stiffer. As Daddy and Clark "grow on each other," Daddy finds a "sweet spot;" he moans and adds that he likes to be spanked.

Big enough to film and suck at the same time, Clark grinds against Daddy for a "close-up." As he reaches back for a measure, my fingers penetrate his hole. Sliding my cock out, Clark goes right for the balls, then the tip pooled with precum. As he docks Daddy's and his cocks together, he asks, "what do you want to do to me?" That's Daddy's cue to have his way!

Clark, sits on Daddy and pushes Daddy's fat cock in; working missionary style, he moans loudly as Daddy loosen him up. Once Daddy gets an "okay," from him, he know he's good to go. With his ass being so tight, it doesn't take much more until Daddy blows; pulling out and empty on his balls.

After a break, Daddy and his twink go back at it on the bed; Clark does love to be kissed and fucked. Clark rides my cock then pulls out to bring himself up. With a bit more "pecking," he has Daddy blowing again. Then he stretches out on the bed and shoots out a nice thick creamy load.

All images taken from actual video.


Joey Rico & Daddy

Damn, to find him in the shower, is a day Daddy knows I'll be wet too. Joey Rico soaps it up and is here to satisfy the age old question, "will that fit?" This Latino has a body to satisfy and a personality equal to that hot cock; just watching the water trickle off his ball sack has Daddy very "thirsty." As he lathers up and bends over, Joey uses one of his toys to get a "deep' clean. Next is a sizeable butt plug to hit the spot; "look ma, no hands."

On the bed and discussing his "opening" toys, Daddy fingers and add digits to ready his hole for some larger dildos. Daddy's got a couple he wants him to try, including one with a heartbeat. The first takes a minute, but Joey is definitely a "swallower." The next is a good bit larger, even than Daddy's, and he does manage the tip before he goes for the "real deal."

Sliding in Daddy's girth, he seems to enjoy the sensation and begins to jerk. Even with all the "practice" he's had, Joey is very tight and it does not take long before Daddy's load is all over his hole and balls. Again using a dildo, it's Joey's time for some relief. With a gasp and a silicone push, he spews; man Joey's body is hot as hell.


Tony Bucks & Daddy

Meet Tony; meet Tony's meat. This 22 year old boy is pretty typical, except for his "third leg." With a mix of Puerto Rican, white and black making up his heritage, Tony is definitely a "nice package." Already sporting a bulge, he says he gets hard pretty easy which can be a problem in public, "I try to put it up, but it sticks out of my pants and over my bellybutton."

I'd say it's a 9, a thick 9. Getting up on his knees, Tony shows us a great bubble butt as well; man this kid is a whole lot of fun. As he chats with Daddy, and he strokes, Daddy has to reach in and get a feel, 'damn.' Tony notices a spot of precum on my shorts and unzips to investigate; "can I suck it? Tony asks. This guy is not only packing, he's great at sucking too. As he inspects Daddy, orally, he begins to finger his hole. Daddy asks what he might be thinking; Tony just goes back down on me. He then looks up and asks, "do you wanna fuck my ass?"

Daddy asks, "can you handle that?" "It is so fucking big," gasps Tony as his ass gages and swallows the abundant ride. Within minutes, both agree, "this feels good." Tony strokes his hard cock as Daddy goes "balls to the wall."

"I want you to fuck me until I cum," begs Tony. Daddy obliges, first dumping his load, then going back in. Loving the sensation, who "woodn't," the boy moans, "fuck my ass." Daddy tries to hold out as long as he can, waiting to "sync" our "go time" with the boy. Sucking on Daddy's dense cock, Tony masturbates his lubed-up log until he releases dollops of cream; "the cum dump heard 'round the world." Looks like Tony likes to be "pacifier-ed" in order to blow.


Julian Reyes & Daddy

Cassie Rae's needs some extra money. This hardworking 19 year old likes to hang out by the beach when he has time, and gets tattooed frequently. As far as sex, he enjoys bottoming and boys. Being already married, he gets sex often. Cassie strokes himself to the video; I'd say his nice cut dick and shaved pubes would go a long way to pleasing his husband and us.

Going for his hole as much as his dick, Cassie definitely knows how to satisfy; he prefers to be taken control of, while his nipples are worked. Looks like he wants "my help" in getting off; yep "chubby's" ready. He strokes both of our dicks and even gives a lick to my balls before Cassie rolls over onto his knees. Using some "natural lube," I finger the boy; "you are tight" I tell him.

Working my thick dick in takes a bit and Cassie says he's going to cum quick; he won't be the only one. He whimpers "harder" and then blows a huge load all over his belly. I add my deposit to his pool and "welcum" him as a newly inducted fucked by the cameraman model.

HARDCORE BAREBACK ACTION DVD BONUS: Bonus Footage Behind-the-Scenes/Outtakes - We don't always get to see what goes on behind the camera in the preparation of a scene. Let's go "behind the scenes" for an inside look and also see some of the scenes that didn't make it to the final cut from all four boys and Daddy!

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Released February 2017