DVD 2 hrs feature, 7 Bareback Scenes, live sound,
DVD All Region, includes Menus, Chapters & Trailers!


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Starring: Jet Stevens, Kye Edan, Aidyn Michael, Derek Livingston, Nick Taylor,
Benjamin Craven, John Wright, Mitsuo, Allen Edwards, Collin Nottoli, Jeramiah Maxx

If you're new to San Diego Boy, you'll want to check out this collection
of the best of the 7 Hottest Military Barebacking scenes, now all on one DVD.


Jet Stevens & Kye Edan

All-time favorite Navy boy Kye hooks up with Jet, a 19 year old Southern Marine boy serving our country. From beginning to end, both their cocks are rock hard. Kye inserts his bare cock deep inside our Marine even as Jet sucks his own cock. The fucking, sucking and kissing is intense. The cum is literally flying as this scene comes to a climax.

All images taken from actual video.


Aidyn Michael & Derek Livingston

Not just anyone can handle premium dick like Derek, with his nice round ass, was definitely up for the challenge. This scene between these two studs is spectacular. Nothing gets the blood pumpin' like some good oral action and bareback fuckin. Once Aidyns' cock found Derek's ripe and willing ass to pound, these two horny studs take it to the limits with a cum facial at the end.


Kye Edan & Nick Taylor

These two men in uniform embrace, lock lips and succumb to their desires. Slowly as their uniforms come off, their hard cock's are exposed and are wanting attention. Nick straddles Kye and lowers his ass down on to Kye's big bare cock, to experience it for the last time. Kye's load cover's Nicks chest as Nick soon follows adding more white gold to his collection.


John Wright & Benjamin Craven

6' 4" Marine John has a hungry hole and wants a cock deep inside. Ben up for the challenge of fucking John raw, and as with any Marine, John just can't get enough cock up his manly ass. Once John has gotten his fill, he flips Ben over and begins to return the favor of plowing Ben's hole deep and raw.
The climax comes as John is fucking Ben, pulls out, coats Ben's hole with warm cum and shoves his throbbing cock in for more. Ben then shoots his load right down John's throat for a tasty end to this non-stop fuck-a-thon.


Allen and Mitsuo

Shipmates kicking back, 19 year olds Allen and Mitsuo decide to try something new. They have secretly been fucking on ship, this time they want to do it in front of a camera and turn you on. They begin with some deep passionate kissing, and sucking each others cock. Mitsuo then orders Allen to get on his knees to be fucked bareback. They are both eager to please one another and don't hesitate one bit. Mitsou plows his bare cock up Allens ass. Allen then decide he wants to ride it, he rides it up and down squeezing his hole tight, they kiss passionately as Mitsou feeds it to him. Then into the shower were they continue to fuck. Now it is Mitsuo's turn to get a taste of Allen's bare cock up his ass. As if they both did not get enough cock, the two sailors reach over for the cameramen's cock. Tag team sucking until they make the cameraman's cock explode. Then they both work on there own cocks and blow their loads.


Kye Edan & Collin Nottoli

Kye is back with hot Italian stud boy Collin to do a photo shoot and then some. The action heats up while taking pictures. They can barely keep their hands off of each other. You will also get to know Collin up close and personal. They head-up to the shower for more fun. Watch as Kye gets his ass fucked in the raw. More bareback fucking is followed in the bedroom, here Kye is pounded in every position you can think of. These two aggressive boys know what it takes to get you off while you watch. This long bareback fuck session will sure get your needs met.


John Wright & Jeramiah Maxx

Jeramiah is feeling a bit horny and wants to get fucked before John takes off for the base. John licks and preps Jeramiah tight hole with his tongue and then slides his thick cut cock slowly inside Jeramiah's twitching hole. They bounce around to many positions and work up a sweat as John's Marine cock continues to fuck away, and then he lets his jizz fly just as Jeremiah's load explodes.