Military Recruits

DVD - 100 Minutes with live sound, DVD Bonus video and Features: Menus, Chapters, Special preview of Young Marine Recruits and A Few Good Men!.

$ 19.95 DVD



This 21yo Marine Infantryman comes home, right from camp, so he's still in his uniform as the session begins. He flops down on the bed, grabs a straight porno magazine and starts flipping through it while pushing his hand into his pants. In short order he strips down to free his huge hard cock and keeps on jackin'. He catches a whiff of his sweaty body and heads to the shower to rinse off, then it's back to bed to watch a porno tape and stroke off until he shoots a load of cum that sprays all over his body.


Its laundry day for Sergeant Jeremy and he strips off right in front of the washing machine so that he can wash every piece of clothing he owns. He hops up onto the washer and pulls out a gay skin mag to get his Latino cock hard. Jeremy moves back to the bedroom to get comfortable and continue his J/O session. He works his dick into a frenzy with his stroking until the Sarge pops a powerful load that covers his belly in cum that he rubs all over the rest of his body. A quick shower afterwards gets
him as clean as is clothes.


Living on ship, this 23yo Navy man has no privacy so he is eager to spend some quality time with his dick. A relaxing shower get him clean and horny so after he's dry he's eager to stroke off a load. Skylier's body is tight and furry and a little lube and straight porno get him hard. He talks about his first time, his girlfriend giving him "road head", and jacking off on board ship, then he works his cock over good until he is spurting out a huge messy load of Seaman semen.

Skylier, Donnie & Frank

Who says that straight guys don't get off on group J/O? These three dudes are watching a straight fuck flick, looking at straight porno mags, and doing some serious J/O! Frank reaches over to give Skylier a helping hand then straight-boy Skylier returns the favor and ups the ante by sucking Frank's crank. Donnie wants some of that action too so he goes down on Skylier's dick while Skylier has his eyes glued to the pictures in a straight magazine. Then he moves over and does the same for his buddy, Frank. Everything goes overboard from there on and it seems like the straight boys can't get enough cock in their fists or in their mouths. As queer as it all sounds though, they all go back to their straight magazines to get their nuts at the end of the session.

The tape ends with previews from the first three San Diego Boy videos.


Previews of other San Diego Boy Production videos, plus BONUS DVD only video of these 3 hot Military Boyz....coming soon to video!.

Text and Images courtesy of AMVC.com

$19.95 DVD