110 Minute DVD video with live sound + previews

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Casey - Room 917

This 23 year old loves to show off his tan and toned muscular body. After a steamy hot shower, Casey kicks back on the hotel bed and starts working on his cock. See how quickly it rises! Also see the amazing thing that he can do with his cock! Watch his thick creamy load squirt!.


Ashton - Room 1625

20 year old Marine stud Ashton loves showing off his pierced cock. The cameraman grabs hold of Ashton’s cock to show you up close the thick ring piercing the tip. Ashton cock soon becomes erect and what a horse hung cock he has and if that wasn’t enough, he helps himself to the cameraman’s cock as well. Ashton climaxes with a volcanic eruption of white cream goo.


Dale & Skot - Room 542

Dale is 24 years old and Skot is 32. Both boyz are smooth and fit. Together they get it on, play with a penis pump, kiss, suck and face fuck. Skot tries to bareback Dale, but Dales ass is just too tight to let his cock penetrate that muscle. They jack off together and watch Skot's body twitch and shake when the cum juice flows from his cock.

Jonah - Room 1104

This 24 year old, has a toned smooth body and a huge cock. He tells us about previous sexual experiences and shows off his body and squirts his load all over his smooth chest. All this while talking nasty to the camera. The scene finishes off with Jonah cooling off in the shower. See how his cock hangs when soft!

Trey & Ty - Room 779

Trey loves a big black cock. Ty visits room 779 to give Trey what he’s craving. Passionate foreplay and rock hard cocks get things going. Trey can’t resist Ty’s massive cock and wants it up his ass ASAP. Ty wraps his cock in an extra extra large wrapper and Trey sits right down on it, sucking in every last inch of that cock. They both moan with pleasure as Ty pounds Trey’s ass in many different positions. Trey can’t hold back as his ass is pounded, he unleashes his load, while Ty fills the condom deep inside of Trey’s ass.


David, AKA, Jerry - Room 1426

Three hot guys meet in a hotel room, David is 39, blond, goatee and toned, AKA is a smooth Latin ex marine (see him in Marine Recruits) and Jerry, 26, is a slim, horny ex navy boy. David and AKA have some passionate making out before hitting the shower. Their cocks get rock hard from just kissing! Jerry gets to the hotel after David and AKA have hit the showers, so joins them in the shower for some hot 3 way shower action.

They then all move to the king size bed to continue where they left off, more passionate kissing, sucking, rimming and fucking. David get his chance to fuck Jerry first. Jerry just can't get enough cock up his ass. He squirts his load while his ass is being pounded. David then gets to taste and feel the insides of AKA, fucking in different positions, eventually jacking off together.

Bonus Scenes/Preview

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Scenes from "San Diego Bottom Boyz"
Scenes from "San Diego Porn Boyz"
Scenes from "Military Recruits"