DVD - 110 Minutes with live sound, DVD All Region, includes Menus, Chapters, additional bonus scenes including the photo shoots, photo montage and previews!

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Buzzy-B - 19 Year Old Marine

Buzzy-B is a 19 year old US Marine Latin stud that loves to stroke his thick cock for the camera. His body is smooth, hard and muscled. After kicking back on the bed and stroking his cock, he shoots his thick creamy load and heads for the shower to clean off.

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Caleno - 20 Year Old Marine

Caleno is another 20 year old US Marine with Latin baby smooth skin. He starts out telling us about himself while stroking his cock. He gets even harder when he talks about his first sexual experience. His Latin blood gets his cock pumping hard and sprays his load on his silky smooth chest.

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Brett - 18 Year Old Marine

Brett is an 18 year old blond US Marine, big cock, ready and eager to blow his load. He asks for the camera crews help in giving him a blow job. As he's getting head, his hand finds its way into the pants of the cameraman to play with his fully erect cock. Now, if a straight 18 year old Marine where to ask you for a blow job, how can you possible turn him down?

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Joey - 20 Year Old Marine

Joey is a 20 year old US Marine. Little Joey may not be the tallest Marine at 5'4", but just looking at those puppy dog eyes will make you melt and make you want to jump all over him! Needles to say half way through the shoot, he wanted help from the crew. See how well he sucks the cameraman's cock dry. He sucks the juice out, slurping down every drop! Later wanting more cock, Joey positions his tight little ass so that it too can get a taste of the
cameraman's cock. Once that cock is in his ass, Joey blows his load!

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U.S. Marine 4-way J.O.

Andres is 21, Caleno is 20, Anthony is 19 and Johnny B is 22. The four Marine buddies came over for the shoot. Initially only two where scheduled to be in the shoot, but the other two decided to join in all the fun. Andres can also be sean in Str8t N Solo. After watching a porn and talking macho marine shit, all four marines strip down and stroke their cocks. Check out Anthony's pierced ball sack! That's gotta hurt. After taking turns squirting their loads, they all head for the shower where Caleno helps cool them off and clean them up in the shower.

Preview of "Military Recruits"

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$19.95 DVD